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WinAgents TFTP Server

WinAgents TFTP Server

WinAgents TFTP Server is a high-performance multithreaded TFTP Server with full TFTP options support.

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Do you often find yourself updating the flash image software on your network devices? Are you constantly creating reserve copies of your routers? Network administrators know that in order to stay on top of routine tasks a quality TFTP server is essential. The WinAgents TFTP Server is a secure, reliable, high-performance server designed specifically for administrators.

Our server is a fully-realized TFTP server for Windows. Designed to work in 24x7 background mode, it frees administrators to focus on other aspects of their job. Using the WinAgents TFTP Server, one can make reserve copies of device settings, update flash images, store sound files for IVR systems and perform other useful operations.

WinAgents TFTP Server works with Windows Vista

Key features of the WinAgents TFTP Server for Windows:

  • Platform: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7/2008;
  • Supports x64 platforms (runs as 32-bit process)
  • Implemented as a Windows service;
  • Fully compatible with RFC1350, RFC2347, RFC2348 and RFC2349;
  • Runs as a 24-hour background operation;
  • IP-based access control. TFTP Server allows configuring rights of access to files depending on the client's IP-address;
  • Support of files transmission through firewalls - all files can be transmitted with use of only one UDP port;
  • Remote server administration. You can remotely configure the server, examine current TFTP sessions and server work logs;
  • Full TFTP option support - full support of tsize, blocksize and timeout, enabling administrators to optimize data transmission;
  • Virtual TFTP Folders. Using virtual TFTP folders you can set different access rights for various folders;
  • Includes an option for setting highest precedence for the server process; this is useful for systems that handle large volumes of TFTP clients, and helps to maximize speed;
  • Contains graphic utilities for server setup and server status control;
  • High availability: changing of the server settings does not require restart of the server;
  • High-scalable server architecture. Built-in cache system allows gaining maximum productiveness and scaling.

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