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WinAgents MIB Browser is a tool for network administrators allowing them to work with devices that support SNMP in the most convenient way.

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WinAgents MIB Browser makes it possible to compile MIB files and present them in the form of a tree with SNMP variables. With WinAgents MIB Browser, you can read and modify the values of SNMP variables on your network devices. The program supports the bookmark mechanism and the QuickJump technology making the navigation through the tree with SNMP variables really comfortable. The smart mechanism of polling SNMP variables allows you to track changes in their values over time and the support of table operations makes the work with SNMP tables easier. The program has a full-featured built-in editor with syntax highlighting for editing MIB files.

Now let us present the main features of WinAgents MIB Browser:

  • The complete support of SNMP versions 1,2 and 3.
  • Dividing devices into groups for easier work with numerous devices.
  • The editor of MIB files with syntax highlighting.
  • The mechanism of polling SNMP for tracking changes in variables over time.
  • The smart mechanism of caching SNMP variables for optimizing the size of the memory used
  • Supporting the insertion and removal of rows in SNMP tables.
  • Network Discovery Wizard making it easier to search and register network devices that support SNMP.
  • MIB Extraction Wizard for importing SNMP MIB files from RFC texts.
  • Supporting the bookmark mechanism for easier work with frequently used variables.
  • The product distribution package contains a lot of frequently used MIB files.
  • Smart mechanism of caching the MIB tree allowing you to considerably reduce the amount of both memory used and data transmitted over the network;

We hope that our product can help you make the administration of your network more effective. Please, download the evaluation version of WinAgents MIB Browser from our site.

Also please see the WinAgents MIB Browser site for more information.

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