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Configuration Backup for Network Devices

Regular network configuration backup is one of the compulsory measures to lessen time of net standstill. Network config backup will help you recover the net quickly in case of physical failure of the device and in case of errors, caused by system administrators' mistakes.

Unfortunately, regular network configuration backup in a big net can be very complicated, almost impossible task when it is executed manually. There are special means to help administrator, and one of them is WinAgents HyperConf.

WinAgents HyperConf is a software product to manage network configuration. One of the main functions of the product is automatic network configuration backup. WinAgents HyperConf supports united configurations data, chasing all changes in network settings. Using WinAgents HyperConf you can always know who and when changed your devices configuration and, also, what exactly has been changed. WinAgents HyperConf provides configuration management for routers, switches and firewalls of multiple vendors such as Cisco, HP, NetGear, Foundry, D-Link, 3Com SuperStack and Nortel (Bay Networks).

To realize regular config backup in your network it is enough to make the following steps:

  • Install WinAgents HyperConf in one of computers of your network. 30-days long trial version is available for downloading from WinAgents Software Group site.
  • Register network devices in the program. You can do this with help of built-in SNMP Discovery wizard, or manually. SNMP Discovery wizard is launched with menu command Device->Discover Network Devices.
  • Set network configuration backup timetable with menu command Device->Configure Backups. You can specify periodicity of backing up or a certain time of the process of network config backup launch. WinAgents HyperConf can also realize immediate network configuration backing up when a SYSLOG message from a device is received, and if it contains information on configuration change.

Since that moment WinAgents HyperConf will save all network configuration changes in its database. Having information on the manufacturer and type of the network device WinAgents HyperConf connects with it by protocols chosen and asks for configuration file. In case configuration differs from the existing backup, its new version is saved in the database.

You can look through configurations history for every device in the network, analyzing the changes that are made. If it is necessary, WinAgents HyperConf will help you restore configuration of the chosen device to get rid of the problems in the network work.

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