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WinAgents HyperConf - Features & Benefits

HyperConf gives many advantages for secure network configuration management, saves network administrators time and significantly reduces network downtime caused by misconfiguration of network devices.

  • Increases network security through tracking of all changes in network devices configurations and providing a network administrator with notifications about these changes;
  • Increases control through records when and who has changed the device configuration and what exactly has been changed;
  • Enables fast network recovery and reduces downtime by collecting information about configuration changes caused the problem and restoring backed-up configuration in case of device malfunction;
  • Saves time of network administrators by simplification and automation of common configuration tasks;
  • Cuts down costs since Winagents HyperConf eliminates the need to perform routine configuration management tasks manually.
  • Supports equipment of various network hardware vendors. Provides change and configuration management for devices of multiple vendors such as Cisco, HP, NetGear, Foundry, D-Link, 3Com SuperStack and Nortel (Bay Networks).
  • Tracks network configuration changes in real-time. Instantly detects configuration changes via the SYSLOG messages monitoring, records when and who accessed the device and what exactly has been changed.
  • Provides network administrators with e-mail notifications about configuration changes. WinAgents HyperConf sends e-mail notifications when it encounters a configuration change.
  • Performs backups of your network devices configurations. Makes backups by schedule, manually or when HyperConf encounters any changes in device configuration.
  • Enables configuration restore in case of device misconfiguration or malfinction. In case of a problem you can easily roll back the device to its previously working configuration.
  • Batch commands execution on multiple devices at the same time. Using the batch scripting engine you can roll out a configuration change to multiple devices at the same time.
  • Side-by-side comparison of network devices configurations. You can examine changes by comparison of different configuration versions. The built-in configuration viewer highlights any differences in relevant colors.
  • Powerful tools for easy and fast configuration editing. WinAgents HyperConf includes a text editor with syntax highlighting which enables configuration transfer to and from a device. The program also includes a visual configuration editor implementing the RouterTweakTM technology. The RouterTweakTM technbology allows you to edit devices configuraitons much faster than when using a standard command-line interface (CLI).
  • Has friendly user interface;
  • Supports industry-standard access protocols such as HTTP, TELNET, SNMP, SSH and TFTP;
  • Enables easy setup of HyperConf device catalog using SNMP Discovery;
  • Unifies authentication settings for access to multiple devices using Connection Profiles;
  • Contains an embedded SYSLOG console;
  • Maintains an operations log which keeps detailed records of all actions performed on devices.

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