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WinAgents HyperConf ' FAQ

Technical Questions

  1. What device configurations can WinAgents HyperConf manage?
  2. For the moment WinAgents HyperConf enables configuration management for the following device types:

    • Devices running Cisco IOS (Cisco routers, Cisco switches running IOS);
    • Devices running Cisco CatOS (Cisco Catalyst switches);
    • Devices running Cisco PixOS (Cisco PIX Firewall, Cisco ASA);
    • HP ProCurve managed switches;
    • NetGear managed switches;
    • Foundry managed switches;
    • D-Link managed switches;
    • 3Com SuperStack managed switches;
    • Nortel (Bay Networks) manageable switches.

    See Supported Devices to get more information.

  3. How many configurations of devices can WinAgents HyperConf manage?
  4. We make internal tests on the network, containing 500 devices. WinAgents HyperConf manages this easily. Theoretically, the number of devices is limited only by the platform performance, where WinAgents HyperConf is installed.

  5. Can WinAgents HyperConf provide configuration backing up in background mode?
  6. Yes. Devices configuration backup is provided by WinAgents HyperConf service. WinAgents HyperConf does not require interactive user to provide backing up according to a schedule.

  7. Where WinAgents HyperConf stores device configurations backups?
  8. WinAgents HyperConf stores device configurations backups in internal database. Default database file is here: 'c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\WinAgents\HyperConf\HCUserData.mdb'.

  9. How can I back up HyperConf DB?
  10. To back up HyperConf DB make the following:

    • Close WinAgents HyperConf Manager,
    • Stop WinAgents HyperConf and WinAgents SYSLOG services,
    • Back up the DB. On default DB files are stored in the directory 'c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\WinAgents\HyperConf\'. HCUserData.mdb file contains data on network devices and device configurations backups. HCSystemData.mdb file contains data on device types and other HyperConf system data,
    • To continue start WinAgents SYSLOG and WinAgents HyperConf services.

  11. A number of devices in my network is not supported by WinAgents HyperConf. Can you realize their support in the program?
  12. Yes. If technically it is possible, we will organize your devices support in the program. Send an e-mail to our support team. Our specialists will require from you the information on the configuration backup method out of your device and will provide its support.

  13. For some devices, 'Changed By' field in Configuration History can not be filled. Why?
  14. 'Changed By' field is filled according to the information about the author of changes in device configuration or SYSLOG message. Unfortunately, not all devices support this information. If you are sure that your device configuration contains information about the author of the changes, send a request to our support team. We will help you.

  15. Why, when SYSLOG message is received from a device XXX, configuration backup does not start?
  16. WinAgents HyperConf starts backing up in case if the received SYSLOG message corresponds to the template given for this device type. SYSLOG messages templates can be configured in Program Options window (Backups Tab).

    If backing up does not start when SYSLOG message is received, check the following:

    • Is 'Detect configuration changes using SYSLOG' option in configuration backup window activated? Is backup option activated for this device?
    • Does IP-address, from which SYSLOG are received, correspond to the address under which the device is registered in the catalog? The device can send SYSLOG messages from any interface.
    • Does the received SYSLOG message correspond to the template, specified for this very device type?

  17. Why I can not receive configuration from Cisco PIX (or Cisco ASA) device?
  18. Cisco PIX and Cisco ASA devices require evident TFTP-server address specification, where their configuration can be copied. Besides, it is necessary evidently specify addresses, from which connection to devices though TELNET or SSH protocols is possible.

    To work with these devices you should specify the address of the computer with WinAgents HyperConf as TFTP server and allow connection TELNET or SSH from it.

  19. Why I do not see messages from XXX device in SYSLOG messages log?
  20. Check if the address, under which the device is registered in HyperConf catalog corresponds to the address, from which SYSLOG messages are sent.

    Try option 'Do not receive SYSLOG messages from unknown devices' in the bookmark. Advanced dialog Program Options.


  1. Is it possible to upgrade to a bigger number of devices?
  2. Yes. You can buy a license for the necessary number of devices and install it in addition to the license you already have.

  3. How can upgrade the program to the latest version?
  4. When you buy WinAgents HyperConf licenses you get opportunity to upgrade the program during 1 year since the purchase day. During this time you can download the latest versions of the program from our site and install them on your computer.

    If you are interested in further access to the program updates, you should buy technical support key before the current update period is expired.

    In case you did not manage to prolong subscription for technical support before the current update period was expired you can get the key for the new version of the program at the upgrade price.

  5. Our network is managed by several administrators. Should I purchase license pack for every work place?
  6. Yes. WinAgents HyperConf is licensed according to the number of devices for every work place.


  1. Where can I purchase WinAgents HyperConf licenses?
  2. You can purchase WinAgents HyperConf online from our site or from our partners.

  3. Can I get Formal Quote?
  4. Certainly. Contact us by e-mail to get formal quote. Please, specify the number of licenses you would like to receive and your contact information.

  5. Do you receive credit cards?
  6. Yes. We receive all leading credit cards. Payments by credit cards are processed by our agent ShareIt! ( All information, sent over the Internet is encrypted and can not be accessed by third side. We do not receive and do not store your credit cards numbers.

    You can purchase our products online by credit card from our site.

  7. Can I use Purchase Order?
  8. Yes. Purchase Order should be made on our company's head-paper and contain information on the payer and the final user. Our payment terms ' Net30. Please, specify Tandem Systems Ltd. company as the vendor, not WinAgents Software Group. Send your PO by fax: +1 309 2164218. If it is possible, send a PO copy by e-mail to

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